5 Futuristic Inventions That Are FREAKING AWESOME #8
Published: 10 months ago By: The Future Is Now

By: The Future Is NowPublished: 10 months ago

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Get ready to dive into another amazing episode of futuristic gadgets and modern innovation. What you'll find in our latest installment includes: the smallest 360 smart camera, an awesome 3D structure sensor, and 3 other highly anticipated new smart tech inventions you need to see.

Enjoy the video! Learn even more about these awesome new futuristic inventions by visiting the websites below.
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0:08 - LUNA 360 - - This innovative new 360 smart camera is not only super small in size, but it's also ultra durable. Oh, and chalked full of cutting edge technology.

2:31 - Structure Sensor - - Revolutionary new iPad accessory that allows you yo scan objects and surroundings in 3D. Excellent for game development and work related frameworking.

6:02 - Knocki - - Incredibly clever smart device that lets you control the functionality of your electronics with a simple tap... or Knock(i).

9:05 - GoBone - - The ultimate futuristic dog toy! This bone-shaped smart toy will keep your four-legged friend active and engaged while your home or away.

12:02 - iSCOUT - - A dashboard mounted smart display that allows you to access maps, music, text, and whole lot more, without distracting you from driving. Also an exciting blind-spot feature that is new to HUD's.

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