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Published: 8 months ago By: The Voice Global

By: The Voice GlobalPublished: 8 months ago

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The single "Despacito" has made history as the most frequently streamed song of all time. Therefore, we created a compilation with some of the best Despacito covers in The Voice. Which one is your favorite?

1. Jorge Eduardo sings 'Despacito' (The Voice US):

2. Aydan Calafiore sings 'Despacito' (The Voice Australia):

3. Oes sings a local version of 'Despacito' (The Voice of Holland):

4. Ясмани Ангуло Сильва sings 'Despacito' (The Voice Russia):

5. Kristina Radžiukynaitė sings 'Despacito' (The Voice of LIthuania)

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