POKEMON GO YOUTUBER MEETUP @ Pokemon GO Fest 2018 Chicago | ZoeTwoDots
Published: 7 months ago By: ZoëTwoDots

By: ZoëTwoDotsPublished: 7 months ago

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I had such a fun time meeting up with all of you guys and the other creators including: Trnr Tips Nick, Brandon Tan, Pkmn Master Holly, DX1, Sparkie Joy, Tonton Train, Pope Dave, Hybrid Mongoose, Jay Kim, PokeGirl7, PokeTwon, Yucky Ducky Gaming and more!
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Camera: Canon G7X Mark II
Tripod: JOBY Gorillapod
Phone: iPhone X
Screen Recorder: iOS 11 Screen Recorder
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

Custom intro theme:
Dmitry Zhbanov

Music: Dreams

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